Mori Shusui Museum

Mori Shusui Museum of Art showcases works of fine art collected by Lead Chemical Co., Ltd. founded by Masao Mori.

“Shusui” means clear autumn water, which represents the clean, well honed nature of the Japanese sword. This name was selected because the museum has one of the greatest Japanese sword collections in the nation, and the museum’s logo symbolizes its signature “sword.”

Lead Chemical Co., Ltd. houses many Japanese swords and other nationally important cultural properties and art treasures such as paintings, Japanese pottery and calligraphy, including masterpieces of representative painters of Japanese modern art history such as Taikan Yokoyama and Gyokudo Kawai.

Historically, Toyama prefecture (Ecchu Province) was an important center of sword production, and home to famous sword smiths such as Norishige (a senior apprentice of Masamune), and Gou no Yoshihiro. The Uda Ha School of Sword Making actively produced swords during the Muromachi period. This museum’s collection of swords is designed to captivate your eyes and minds.

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Museum Guide

Hours of Operation

10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (admission until 4:30 p.m.)

Admission Fee

under15admission free
Groups (20 people or more)¥600


1-3-6 Sengokumachi, Toyama-City, Toyama 930-0066, Japan
Tel : +81-76-425-5700

Transportation/Area maps

[From Toyama Station]
▶By Tram (City Tram Loop line: Centram, Tram fare: ¥210)
 About 10 minutes to "Ohte Mall" tram stop and 5 minute walk from "Ohte Mall" tram stop
▶By Tour around Toyama City Bus: Gurutto Bus(Southern route, Bus fare: ¥210)
 About 7 minutes to “Mori Kinen Shusui Bijutsukan” bus stop
▶By Community bus: Maidohaya Bus (Central route, Bus fare: ¥100)
 About 30 minutes to “Mori Kinen Shusui Bijutsukan” bus stop
▶By Foot 20 minute walk

[From Toyama I.C.]
▶By Car About 15 minutes via Route 41 from Toyama I.C. of Hokuriku Highway

▶Free parking space is available for up to 22 cars.

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Collection gallery

Elegance & Gorgeous

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